IBC Health Care (Mary)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd for their amazing service. We support extremely vulnerable adults with PMLD and J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd came and did a last-minute deep Clean and completely disinfect the entire base with Ozone O3. The whole base smells incredible. All our team knows are safe from 99% of viruses and bacteria and Covid.
Thank you guys

Gina Samuel - Richards AGR Law

We have been using J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd for the past few months.
Coming to an agreement with Juraj was very easy, and he was very amenable to agreeing on a time that worked well for our offices.
Juraj and his team work very quickly but always produce spotless results.
J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd uses products, which do not leave any residue or strong smells.
J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd have great customer services and we highly recommend them.

R. Singh Oadby Estate

As I purchased something that had been empty for some time it was fairly rough inside. At this point, I rang me fellow fox and friend Juraj, who not only dropped things around the christmas period and came out to me and phrase makink it look brand new is an understatement! All of the bathrooms, kitchen and carpets looked as new, once Craig and Juraj were done at the property and again pricing was so competetiv:I could not fault one aspect of the service The repeat business for Juraj will continue in volume from the Oadby Estate office.

N. Tsap

J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd offers an amazing cleaning service - fast, reliable, flexible, and with attention to detail! It’s the first time I am really happy with a cleaning service as these guys have high standards in the service they offer and have even exceeded my 

BSHL Healthy Living Coaching
Mrs B. Sankey

Sometimes things can overwhelm you and everything can seem too much.In flies Juraj and his team mate and in the space of 3 hours everything changed. No stress, no drama, they just did the job, and on the way out offered me an ingenius little product that everyone needs at least 2 of.

To say I was relieved is an understatement and now I have committed to a fortnightly clean. I was concerned at the distance but is no trouble to Juraj who is the absolute professional. I will have no hesitation in recommending J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd, it is an excellent service and I really like the fact there were no nasty chemicals used & no lingering chemical smells.

Kris Amliwala FPFS, RLP, MSc, BSc(Hons) Chartered Financial Planner & Registered Life Planner Fellow of the Personal Finance Society

I'm taking this opportunity to thank you to J&C Dust Bunnies Ltd Team. The quality of your work was comprehensive. We were all impressed with the attention to detail and the short time it took your team to deliver such a great outcome.

We also really appreciated you being so responsive and flexible with your calendar to book in our cleans, as they were initially on short notice.

I will be glad to see you again and to continue recommending your services. Thank you.